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Your Next Idea Could be the Game Changer for the Coast Guard Workforce
Aug. 4, 2020

Specific innovative technologies are often referred to as game changers, however, the real game changers at the Coast Guard are the women and men who make up the workforce. You can be part of this force for change by submitting your ideas to the Research, Development, Test & Evaluation and Innovation (RDT&E) Program. You may be responsible for helping solve some of the Coast Guard’s most wicked challenges!

Admiral Schultz's statement to the workforce on COVID-19
July 8, 2020
To the Women and Men of the United States Coast Guard,During times of uncertainty throughout

Host Supervisor of Civilians Tier II training at your unit
Nov. 7, 2019

The Office of Leadership (CG-128) is soliciting for units to host the “Supervisor of Civilians Tier II” (502799) roadshow course. Eight FY20 convenings are still available.

Coming up: First Personnel Readiness Expo
Nov. 7, 2019

A one-day expo at Base Portsmouth will give active duty, reservists, civilians and their families an opportunity to learn more about policies and programs available to support their overall readiness.

Tis the Season to Elect Better Health--It's Open Season Time
Nov. 7, 2019
The 2019 Open Season for federal civilians runs Nov. 12 to Dec. 9. During Open Season, all Coast Guard federal civilians can make changes to their health insurance.

Reserve Family Readiness Resources

New Parent Resources
Coast Guard Pregnancy and New Parent Resource Guide frequently asked questions This guide includes information you need on medical care, medical records, leave, and the ways that the Coast Guard supports you with your parenthood journey through natural, assisted, or adoption.

Two key sources (the Coast Guard Family Resources PDF and the Work-Life Family Landing Page are full of information and services regarding health care or to select the best child care or school for your family.

Child Development Centers
Coast Guard families both civilians and members have access to child care centers and infant and toddler programs at military bases, as well as, at other sites throughout the nation. Discover which resources are best for your family.

Childbirth Health CoverageService members can locate details about prenatal and child birth care and coverage on this TRICARE informational site.

Adoption Assistance Programs
The Coast Guard Mutual Assistance Program offers loans and grants directly related to adoption fees, attorney fees, court costs, and travel expenses acquired during the adoption process.

Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program Services
WIC provides information on topics such as breastfeeding, nutrition and health, in addition, it provides clinic resources throughout the country that provide free-of-charge resources such as milk and diapers. You can apply and learn more information through the link above.

The Family Child Care Program (FCC) Home Environment Child Care
The Coast Guard is aware that child care facilities are not everyones first preference, instead, some may prefer to place your children in certified home environments. You can either search for licensed Coast Guard FCC homes in your area or you can apply to become a provider yourself the opportunity of provider is open to active duty spouses although participants can include members, reservists, and civil service employees. This blog post explains the FCC program in more detail.

Childcare Subsidy Information
The Coast Guard Child Care Subsidy Benefit Program assists Coast Guard members with subsidizing child care cost for their children. Families may qualify for subsidy benefits in accordance with the benefits table, which is a I 10 I Coast Guard Pregnancy New Parent Resource Guide based upon service members pay grade.

Coast Guard Special Needs Program
The Special Needs Program provides resources for Coast Guard family members that pertain to medical, psychological, and physical conditions. This program ensures that members with dependents who have special needs are assigned to duty stations where those resources are most accessible. Here is a blog post that provides an overview of services.

Coast Guard Foundation Scholarships
Did you know that educational support is available to Coast Guard family members? Check out the grants and scholarships available to the children, spouses, and other dependents of Service members, fallen heroes, enlisted members, and reservists.

Department of Defense School Liaison Officers
School liaison officers provide services for military families and are the primary points-of-contact regarding school-related matters for military parents as they assist families with school issues. These liaisons also coordinate with local school systems while at the same time forging partnerships between the military and schools.

Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) (virtual school for military children)
Have you considered home schooling or do you have special education needs for your children? DoDEA has extensive resources including curriculums, public schools and partnerships, international and virtual schooling opportunities that will either supplement or enrich your childs educational needs.

Military Child Education Coalition
Need educational enrichment resources for your child? This site offers virtual learning opportunities for military-connected students, parents and professionals.

Free online tutoring and homework help is available for military families at no cost to you. It is provided by the U.S. Department of Defense and the Coast Guard Mutual Assistance program.
This special program assists in bridging the gaps of separation between deployed military members and their children using the gift of reading. This program helps military members record themselves reading books to be sent to their families back home.

Operation Purple Camp
This one to two-week summer camp is free for children of a military parent. The camp fosters a community where kids can bond with new friends who understand the difficulty of having a parent who is sometimes absent due to Service.

Legal Assistance
Find an attorney for a legal matter, learn how to develop a Personal Readiness Plan for your legal matters and review the Coast Guard’s Legal Assistance Policy.

Military OneSource
This source has beneficial resources of which Reservists can take advantage, including behavior health therapists, and a slew of other helpful services.



Coast Guard Ombudsman Program Instruction
This instruction provides guidance and assigns responsibilities for the Coast Guard’s Ombudsman Program.

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