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Host Supervisor of Civilians Tier II training at your unit
Nov. 7, 2019
The Office of Leadership (CG-128) is soliciting for units to host the “Supervisor of Civilians Tier II” (502799) roadshow course. Eight FY20 convenings are still available.

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Coming up: First Personnel Readiness Expo
Nov. 7, 2019
A one-day expo at Base Portsmouth will give active duty, reservists, civilians and their families an opportunity to learn more about policies and programs available to support their overall readiness.

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Tis the Season to Elect Better Health--It's Open Season Time
Nov. 7, 2019
The 2019 Open Season for federal civilians runs Nov. 12 to Dec. 9. During Open Season, all Coast Guard federal civilians can make changes to their health insurance.

Career Resources

HR Policy

Coast Guard Civilian Careers FAQs List
Here is a listing of some of the most frequently asked questions of civilian careers, particularly when first starting a civilian job.

OPM Policy FAQs
A central clearinghouse for questions related to assessment, classification, disability employment, leave, furlough guidance, performance management, qualifications Senior Executive Service, telework, and more.


USCG Pregnancy and New Parent
Resource Guide

While primarily geared toward military employees, this guide also covers key policies and benefits available to civilians who become parents while working at the Coast Guard.

Handbook for Working Families
OPM’s 2015 handbook covers leave and workplace flexibilities for pregnancy, childbirth, adoption and foster care.

Pay & Leave Flexibilities for Recruitment, Relocation and Retention
Under DHS, agencies, like ours, have discretionary authority to provide additional compensation and leave benefits to support their recruitment, relocation and retention efforts.

Award Programs
Recognition is important. If you want to acknowledge the work of a coworker or want visibility for a project you’ve led, the criteria is here: DHS Secretary Awards or the Coast Guard Incentives Awards.

Supervisor Resources
A consolidated repository of educational tools on employee rights, best practices, awards, union practices and rights, as well as, leave procedures and labor relations.

Civilian Career Enhancement Guide
A guide featuring career counseling, planning and explains Individual Development Plans, as well as, provides templates.

Acquisition Workforce Career Guide
CG-9’s Career Guide describes career paths within the USCG Acquisitions directorate.

A non-profit that provides financial assistance to the Coast Guard community to help the workforce achieve financial stability.

Employee Rights
All civilians are eligible to join a union but are not required to do so; review your rights as a manger or employee and determine if membership is right for you.

Welcome to the USCG
A new employees’ guide to the USCG, including orientation information, benefits and pay, leave and training information.

TSA Pre-Check
DHS civilians are eligible for free, expedited entry into the TSA Pre-check program offered at more than 120 domestic airports.

Reasonable Accommodation
Employees with known physical, mental or other disabilities may qualify for specific modifications to their workspaces or duties.

Civilian Career Opportunities
Civilians work in various capacities throughout the Coast Guard. Search a job type to find the best position for you.

Check out the available USCG jobs at USAJobs. You can sort by hiring path, job series and pay grade.

DHS Detail Opportunities Library
Details allow employees to experience diverse mission areas through hands-on assignments for a temporary period of time. The Details Library lists available options by organization, job title, application deadline and grade/band.

DHS Volunteer Force
The DHS Volunteer Force staffs and deploys a cadre of volunteers who assist in non-Stafford Act incidents, such as the humanitarian and security crisis at the U.S. Southwest Border. Some roles require specific skills, otherwise training will be provided. This page provides full details, FAQs and next steps for those interested.

DHS Surge Capacity Force
The Force provides volunteers to support areas throughout the country in greatest need after natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and other catastrophic events.

DHS Rotational Assignments Program
The Homeland Security Rotation Program enables employees to participate in cross-component rotational assignments. (Site accessible from USCG workstations only).

DHS Joint Duty Program
The Joint Duty Program offers civilian personnel assignments on cross-cutting DHS and federal-wide initiatives. The program is available for employees at GS-13 through GS-15 levels.

Become a Coast Guard Mentor
This toolkit shares information on how to be a great mentor, and tools to build a relationship with your mentee..

Get a Coast Guard Mentor
This toolkit shares information on how to find and work with a great mentor.

Midgrade Officer and Civilian Transition
Course 1 (MOCTC 1)

This course is for you, if you are transitioning into a role where you must have the skillset to broaden your leadership capabilities.

Midgrade Officer and Civilian Transition
Course 2 (MOCTC 2)

Are you transitioning from a technical expert to an organizational leader? This course provides skills and perspectives from all workforce levels, fluency in Coast Guard missions, and promotes enhanced decision-making.

Leadership and Management School (LAMS)
This course allows you to enhance your communications and team-building skills.

Additional Leadership Training Opportunities
The Coast Guard’s Office of Leadership gathers leadership courses, online training, surveys and tools to build leaders at every level.

DHS Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program
The SES CDP prepares high-performing GS 14/15 individuals for positions in the SES through an intensive 12-18 month leadership development program.

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